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Bukavu, Congo (Kinshasa)

Mamafrica Designs is a non-profit organization based out of Bukavu, located in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Our mission is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs and economic opportunity. This fosters self-empowerment, community and sustainability for the women and will ultimately result in generational change. Our programs reflect the basic premise that when women have equity, nations and the world become more secure.

It was October 2009 that I first traveled to Africa. I was volunteering at a medical clinic in Ghana while getting my masters in Counseling Psychology. I was instantly drawn to the sense of community that existed. Even amongst poverty stricken villages, people danced, smiled, and genuinely loved one another. Upon returning I started volunteering at the African Community Center and shortly after started a program called “We Made This” to support refugee women living in Denver to gain vocational skills, life skills, and community. It was there that I met a Congolese woman named Elizabeth. The more love and support she was given, the more she opened up. I saw that change was possible. I was grateful that these these women had the opportunity to be in the US, but wondered about the women who didn’t have that same opportunity to come over?
It was in that moment that I set the intention to go there, over to the DRC, and work with the women who were not able to resettle in the United States.

It was in the spring of 2012, I stepped off the plane on the boarder of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I was instantly hit with the hot air, the smell of charcoal burning fires, and the sight of small children running in circles with infinite smiles on their faces. Little did I know, that from this moment on, my heart would be captured and DRC would be a part of my life forever. As a PhD student, I first went to the DRC to conduct mental health research for women who were survivors of sexual gender based violence and were experiencing somatic and cognitive symptoms that were disrupting their everyday life. I heard stories from these women that broke my heart into pieces but it was with their smiles, contagious laugher, and effortless dancing that the pieces were put back together. I watched as single tears ran down their faces and without words we shared a moment of wondering how mankind was capable of committing these violence atrocities.

As a woman, I felt personally responsible to fight for these women by sharing their stories so they would no longer be voiceless, creating a space for them to rebuild community, and simply believing in them.

I believe in taking holistic approach to change and that when you invest in a women’s life, she can move mountains.

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