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Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

Our workshop has been built around the needs of women within our community – a blend of Tibetan refugees and local Indian villagers.

Many of the women approaching us are in financial need and very eager to work, but lack any formal education and training or have long been unemployed. Some of the Tibetan women – especially the newly-arrived refugees – hardly speak Hindi or English, and therefore have few chances of employment. Also, many Indian women have demanding domestic commitments and find it difficult to combine these with standard work schedules.

Our project tries to address these varying needs by providing flexible working hours, a supportive environment, and training individuals in accordance to their existing skills and potential.

Dolls4Tibet distinguishes itself by being particularly attractive to women and offering Tibetan refugees an emotional connection to their homeland as they create culturally relevant handicrafts.

In addition, by using pure Himalayan sheep wool for many of its products, Dolls4Tibet is supporting the local pastoral industry and provides a healthy work environment for its team.

‘We see our Doll Makers grow in confidence and their sense of self worth. Their eyes and smiles say it all when a doll they’ve finished is admired. The skills they learn are empowering, the money they take home spells a new-found independence and their social interactions across our diverse community benefits not only our team but the wider society.’

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Postage & delivery
Dolls4Tibet posts orders from India within 7 working days

  • Estimated international delivery:
    ~10 to 20 business days
  • Estimated domestic delivery:
    ~5 to 10 business days

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